Estimation Center of Excellence

Our Estimation Center of Excellence (CoE) Solution helps you optimize your software estimation processes to reduce project risk, increase delivery confidence and set IT investment priorities to meet business needs and goals.

Yields cost savings of as much as 45%. One client saved 1.5M over 7 years.


How it works:

An industry best practice for software sizing, Function Point Analysis serves as the key input parameter to a comprehensive estimating model. We deploy a software parametric estimating tool to generate estimates for level of effort, project duration, project costs and deliverable quality.

The CoE is established following a Build, Operate, Transfer implementation model. We build the CoE framework, and then we will operate the Center of Excellence until you are ready to make the transition to fully own and manage the established CoE in-house.



Accurately estimating project outcomes is a critical success factor in making timely and informed decisions. An established, consistent and well-defined estimating practice is the key to identifying and managing project risks. Other benefits include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction through setting realistic expectations regarding delivery costs, time and quality
  • Improved return on IT investment through project prioritization based on business needs
  • Improved competitive posture through improved allocation of time and resources


Download Now:
  • Case Study: DCG Establishes Estimation Center of Excellence for Global Financial Solutions Provider, Resulting in Increased Project Oversight and Improved Vendor Management



David Herron, Vice President

“When we were looking to cut costs from our application program, DCG gave us the capability to use a scalpel rather than a sledgehammer.”

– Paul Weymouth, CFO, UnitedHealth Group Inc.

DCG's expertise in software analytics, software quality management and Agile development enables us to position IT organizations for high quality, on-time and on-budget delivery of software through all phases of the development lifecycle. 

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